Tuesday 22 January 2008

The Next Presidential Dream Team

Here's my Dream Team for the next Administration: the "Competence Cabinet"

Michael Bloomberg

Arnold Schwartzenegger

Dept. of the Treasury
Paul Krugman

Dept. of Defense
John McCain

Dept. of State
Richard Holbrooke

Dept. of Homeland Security
David Petraeus or Richard Clarke

Dept. of Education
Bill Gates

Dept. of Energy
Al Gore

Dept. of Veterans' Affairs
Colin Powell

I'm still working on the remaining Departments: any suggestions?

Dept. of Agriculture
Dept. of Commerce
Dept. of Health & Human Services
Dept. of Housing & Urban Development
Dept. of Interior
Dept. of Justice

Dept. of Labor
Dept. of Transport

1 comment:

  1. Philip: You lost me at Michael Bloomberg for President and then I realized it really is a fantasy if you're including Arnold who can't run as he is a naturalized citizen and Paul Krugman wouldn't work with either of them. But thanks for good cheer.