Monday 11 October 2010

Cleaning Schinias

On Sunday, 10 October, a group of 32 volunteers gathered to clean the forest and beach of Schinias. Despite the overcast weather, we were able to clean over 50 garbage bags of litter from the area of the Glaros restaurant, which is one of the most heavily-visited areas of the National Park during the summer.

Although the litter remains omni-present, the impact of five cleanings are starting to be seen: the litter volume and density in the area is decreasing. A smaller group of volunteers can now clear a larger area.

We believe that together with more intensive cleanings over a wider area, a campaign to install litter bins and “no litter” signs will be decisive.

A special thanks goes to all the volunteers, old and new, who came out on cloudy weather this Sunday to help clean the forest and beach. A special thanks to:

·         Nadine Ioannou and the CAS Programme students of the I.M. Panayiotopoulos School, who came out at short notice amidst a busy exam season;

·         Henske and Lieke Defize, “veterans” of the cleaning who have attended every single event since our start in October 2008, for running the registration desk;

·         Alexander Ammerman, who once again helped with the thankless but vital task of logistics;

·         Sky Radio, Xpat, Athinorama, and others for publicising the event;

·         Mr. Nikos Anastasopoulos, President of the National Park of Marathon-Schinias, and the members of the Vrilissos NGO, with whom we will organise future events.

The volunteers included the following (if I have forgotten or misspelled any names, please email me!)

Alexandris, Despina & Yiannis Papadakis
Ammerman, Philip & Alexander
Anastasopoulos, Nikos
Balland, Christophe & Gaelle
Defize, Lieke & Henske
Hondros, Dimitris
Ioannou, Nadine
Khnouf, Hilde
Minas, Viviane & Children
Mitic, Sophie & Children
Panagiotou, Ritsa & Ariadne
Prassinos, Costas
Vasileia, Katrini

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