Tuesday 4 March 2008

A Response to Napoleon Linardatos (III)

Dear Mr. Linardatos,

If I were to base my life and enterprises on reading Kathimerini and To Vima (or the Wall Street Journal), I'd be miserable indeed.

Your initial article implies that no progress at all is being made in Greece, and that EU funding has been a disaster. I've shown that although things are moving slowly, progress is being made, and have backed this up with numbers and facts. For each statement you've made, I've provided a factual counter-argument based not just on established fact (budgets, user satisfaction, GDP, etc) but on daily life. Your response has been to shift the boundaries of the debate, bringing in sources which are subjective and in many cases refer to wholly different subjects from the ones you have initially raised.

Greece is much better off today than it was in the past, with far more opportunities for those people who actually want to work instead of complain about life. Obviously, there's much more to be done, and it is slowly being accomplished. I, for one, am quite happy to be living, investing and working here, and I don't need to look to the past to enjoy life.

Your quotation of the Index of Economic Freedom is interesting, but if you really believe that it's easier, less-bureaucratic or less expensive to establish or operate a company in Germany, Belgium or Sweden than in Greece, then I am afraid you are far removed from reality.

I'm sorry you have such a negative view of things, and I wish you all the best in the future.


PS: Should you ever be in Greece, and can stand to hear some good news, I'd be glad to invite you for an ouzo or cup of coffee so we can continue the discussion.

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