Wednesday 23 June 2010

Time for a Margaret Thatcher Moment

Dear Prime Minister,

This morning, and all through today, a group of about 100 dockworkers from 2 small unions of marine employees are blocking the departure of several high speed ferries from leaving the port of Pireaus.

This is despite that fact that a court ruled that the strike was illegal. Hundreds of tourists, businesses and ordinary citizens were prevented from boarding ferries to get to the islands. Besides the inconvenience to ordinary citizens and the damage to Greek enterprises, the damage to Greek tourism and Greece's public image are devastating.

To add insult to the injury, television broadcasts showed policemen protecting the dockworkers by pushing away the hundreds of unhappy travelers who simply wanted to board and get on with their journey. Why are the police protecting an illegal strike against the legal rights of Greek citizens?

Either Greece will be a country governed by anarchy, where the ordinary citizens and tax payers are systematically held hostage by a small group of corrupt special interests and dead-enders. Or it will be a country governed by the law, where society and the economy are allowed to operate unhindered by blockades and special interests.

It’s your choice.

Please act soon. We are all waiting.

Sincerely yours,

Philip Ammerman


  1. fair aging prince george is too busy galavanting around the globe, exploiting his self-pronounced personal influence to reply to your letter Philip.
    He doesn't give two hoots for anybody's suffering or difficult times. As long as he is PM and he can prove to his dad (in his grave) that he became PM and president of Socialists International and President of Pasok then, that is all that matters.

  2. Such cynicism! Don't you believe in the new Green Revolution? LOL

  3. Actually, he doesn't have to go Margaret Thatcher - going Ronald Reagan with the striking air traffic controllers is more salient.

    Wish he would show some of the decisiveness Obama showed in firing McCrystal.

  4. Let's hope GP does.

    A note on Obama: is he going to show the same decisiveness in firing Ken Salazar, based on another article in Rolling Stone?