Tuesday 26 May 2015

Greek Ministry of Finance examining tax on ATM Withdrawals

Kathimerini's Greek edition is reporting today that the Greek Ministry of Finance is examining a tax on ATM withdrawals (Βαρουφάκης: Εξετάζουμε φόρο στις αναλήψεις απο ΑΤΜ / 26 May 2015)

This confirms an earlier article in the Mail Online referred to in my post of 23 May 2015 (Kathimerini Report on Bank Deposit Tax).

In the present interview, Minister Varoufakis denies examining any other form of tax on bank deposits or transactions.

SYRIZA ministers have reportedly stated that the money runs out on June 5th, but that no capital controls are envisioned.

It remains to be seen whether this worthwhile but contradictory goal will be achieved.

(c) Philip Ammerman, 2015

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