Thursday 3 November 2011

The Fall of the Papandreou Government

The “beauty parade” of Members of Parliament entering that building at this time points clearly to the fall of the Papandreou Government.

The motion on a referendum on Greece’s membership in the Euro will not be tabled, as too many PASOK MPs have come out against the motion.

The options now appear to be the following:

·   Either a formation of a government of national unity to implement the October 26th agreement, or

·       National elections

The initiative now rests with Opposition leader Antonis Samaras. If he accepts to participate in a government of national unity, this may be possible. I believe he will reject this option, however, and press for national elections.

It is significant that the Prime Minister has not been seen in public since his return. Deputy Prime Minister Venizelos entered the Parliament building about 15 minutes ago without comment. A meeting of Health Minister Andreas Loverdos, Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou, Minister of Infrastructure Ioannis Ragousis and government spokesman Elias Mosialos is apparently now in session.

After three generations, it appears to be the end of the Papandreou family’s involvement in Greek politics. Let’s hope the Greek voters find a better alternative.

© Philip Ammerman

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