Saturday 5 November 2011

Vote of Confidence Passes

The vote of confidence in the Greek government is being carried out now. So far there are no surprises. All the ND MPs so far are voting against the motion.

Earlier, George Papandreou gave a 45-minute long speech of reconciliation in which he effectively confirmed his resignation. It was a valedictory moment for him in the Greek Parliament—he received strong applause from this party. We still need to see what will happen in the coming days. As far as I can see, he has not officially stated he will resign, but I did miss the first few minutes of his speech.

My understanding is that Evangelos Venizelos will take on the task of forming a national government. He is increasingly positioning himself to lead PASOK, if not the government. His suggestion is a national government at until February.

Louca Katselli voted for the government.
Milena Apostolaki abstained.
Vasso Papandreou voted for the government.
Karatzaferis voted against the government
Elsa Papadimitriou abstained.
Eva Kaili voted yes

Milena Apostolaki is absent.
Elsa Papadimitriou is absent.

There were 298 MPs who voted. For: 153. Against: 145. The vote of confidence has passed. PASOK now officially starts the process of trying to form a government of national unity. It’s a strange way to run a railroad. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

© Philip Ammerman

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