Tuesday 1 November 2011

Political Developments on November 1st

The political landscape is changing rapidly today, Tuesday, November 1st.

·      One PASOK MP, Milena Apostolaki, has become independent. The government’s majority falls to 152.

·    A second MP, Eva Kaili, has declared she will resign or become independent if the referendum is allowed to take place.

·     Six members of PASOK's National Council, George Thomas, Vangelis Malesios, Stefanos Manikas, Dimitris Batzelis, Giannis Nikolaou and Mina Stavrakaki, have sent a letter to Prime Minister George Papandreou asking for his resignation.

·      Vasso Papandreou has requested a government of national unity, although few people place much importance in this.

Sources indicate that Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos is not actually sick, but has removed himself to a hospital room to distance himself from George Papandreou’s decision. A stream of MPs and Ministers has been visiting him.

A Cabinet meeting has been called for 18:00. It may only be a matter of hours before George Papandreou is forced to resign in the face of the disintegration of his own party. As it is doubtful whether Mr. Venizelos (or any other successor) can win a vote of no confidence, elections are probably on the horizon.

© Philip Ammerman


  1. Philip, a quick comment on this post -- I think the six guys who signed the letter to Papandreou are just members of PASOK, but none of them is an MP.

  2. Good point Bill. They are members of the PASOK National Council, but not in Parliament. Thanks.